Wow!! do you remember this photo? – Facebook Virus Allert!!

Scam Signature Messages:

Wow!! do you remember this photo? http://domain[dot]com/img

Why it’s a Scam:

This post shown in news feed as like an image file with the end of  'img' and if any one click the link it the user has an updated antivirus it will detect a malware like this below. the link takes into a malicious website
and ths scam is using multiple domain all of them ending with ' img '

If u are any one likely to click the link without any protection of anitvirus then you  infected with the HEUR: Trojan virus shown above.

How to Deal with this Scam:

If you are followed the scam through the link then you are sharing the same scam to your friends Because the scammer automatically share the scam signature message to your wall also for spreading. you need to remove this scam message by clicking the ' X ' mark shown by top right corner of the scam signature message after that clean up your browsing data. and run a complete system scan on your computer. and change your facebook password for account safety and check your facebook account there is any unwanted application found remove it that also for future safety.

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