Facebook Introduces Microsoft’s Photo DNA Technology

What is Photo DNA and how it works

Like the Human DNA, every Photo that you take, share and edit has its own pattern like the DNA which is almost unique for each and every other photos. And that is the theory which is used by the Microsoft to develop the amazing technology called Photo DNA. Photo DNA is based on digital photography fingerprint extraction which can be used to create associations to identify similarities between a certain photo and other images posted on the internet. PhotoDNA is currently used to check the data and photo’s stored on the SkyDrive and Bing services. Up to this point more than two billion images have been classified via PhotoDNA which has led to the identification of over 1000 similarities on SkyDrive and more than 1500 on Bing. See this video to know how it works;

Why Facebook implemented Photo DNA

In a growing network like Facebook, the chances are great to promote pornography and there is only one way to prevent this exploitation against children and also to others, that is by using the Photo DNA technology. The child Pornography is increasing a lot these days particularly in United States after the invention of Internet. So, its important that Social Networking sites like Facebook should implement the technology like this. Know more about Photo DNA and why Facebook implemented Photo DNA? See this video which explains why Facebook adopted PhotoDNA and how their implementation will help curb the spread of online child exploitation.
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