New Facebook application Spreading that completely steal your Account.

I got some emails. here is the 3 email messges below read it.


"Ȃdmin Sẻcurıţy
Ȃdmin Sẻcurıţy9:46pm Jun 25th
We have reviewed the suspension on your account. After reviewing your account activity, it is determined that you have violated our Terms of Service. We've issued a warning to you via email, but you do not respond to our notice. Therefore, your account will be permanently terminated, and will not be reinstated for any reason.

If you think this is a mistake, please verify your account at the link below. We will immediately review your account activity, and we will notify you again via email.

Verify your account immediately at the link below:


Please review your recent activity to make sure no one is using your Facebook account without permission. Reviewing your activity just take a few moments. We'll start by asking you a couple of questions to confirm that this is your account.

Note: If within 12 hours, you have not verified your account. Your account will disabled , because your do errors and omissions

Thank you for helping us in improving our level of security.

Facebook Inc. ™ Team
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1601 S. California Ave., Palo Alto, CA 9430
All rights reserved
phone: (650.543.4800) fax: (650.543.4801)
Facebook Security™"

screen shot


Ŧǝcebooĸ ȘecuriƗy June 26 at 5:12am Report
You have violated the Terms of Service (TOS)

Your account immediately will be deactivated. Because some people and of the Security Team have reported your actions. Maybe you have written content that is offensive or upload images deemed insulting and harming others.

To defend against the allegations that have been alleged by the parties Security Team, please visit:

We provide 24 hours after you read this message to defend or re-confirm your facebook account. If not, we will block your account for the benefit of other users.

NOTE : We hope you do not reply to this message, because our automated system will not respond to every message you send

Facebook Security Team. Inc ™
By Copyright © 2011 Facebook, Inc. 

screen shot


Fącẻbȯok Sẻcurıţy June 25 at 11:33pm Report
Dear Costumer Facebook,

Your Facebook account was recently logged into from a computer, mobile device or other location you've never used before. We have reviewed your account activity, and we get information about possible unauthorized access to your Facebook. We have provided a warning to you via email, but you do not respond to our notification.

“Your account was accessed from a new location : Anonymous Proxy.”

If you are not signing into your Facebook account from "Anonymous Proxy", your Facebook account may have been compromised. We recommend immediately verify your account by carefully on the link below to protect your Facebook account. It may take a few minutes of your time to complete your data.

Please be sure to visit the Facebook Service Account for further information regarding these security issues.

Note : If within 12 hours, you have not verified your account, then you have ignored our notifications. Therefore, your account is permanently suspended, and will not be reactivated for any reason.

Facebook security™
Facebook, Inc. P.O. Box 10005, Palo Alto, CA 94303.

screen shot


all i need to say that we should take care of this type of a application
It doesn't work this way if facebook need you to verify...
and please notice the link
http://apps <<< this is a facebook application link
I guess someone create an application which requires you to enter email address AND password so that they can "steal" your account.

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