Simple 4 things to be secure your facebook account in 2012

In the last year December 7th the facebook founder Mark zuckerberg private photos were leaked to other photo sharing site later facebook identfied that the flaw was by a recent code change and the flaw lived only short limted time. its afecter many users including zukenberg

"Hackers are using more sophisticated methords and spammers sre for emails. Facebook users need to take extra precautions and exercise better judgment to ensure their accounts and their personal information stay safe. Here are important four ways to do.

1. Enable SSL Encryption.

In my privious posts Browse Facebook On A Secure Connection (Https) i exaplained the methord and advantage of using HTTPS over an HTTP . to enable this security feuture go to account settings page. chose security tab and the side you can do either disable or enable this encryption feuture

When enabling HTTPS some of third party application may not allow and the page loading performance will be less than noraml becuse we are using secure connection instead of unsecure connection.

2. Use App password for your applications.

App password are tempararry passwords that used to login to your applications without the need of providing your original facebook password. to get an app password, go to your Account Settings--> Security tab-->  Click "Edit" in the Generate an app password window

 you can enter anything that you like its just for a feuture reference then you done. when using a facebook app please review the behaviour of the particular application before granting the permission to acces your profile like wall posts by app also check my privios post about New Facebook Application Spreading That Completely Steal Your Account.

3. Consider to Log Out from your account when you are leaving.

If you are decided to go for an outing then dont forget to log out from facebook it will prevent from " like jacking " and many other such threats. Likejacking is a form of clickjacking or malicios methors that will lead to users like a website article or a website link as a status update without the intension of the user to "like" the thing.

For an example recently users hit by a click jacking attack that read ""LOL This girl gets OWNED after a POLICE OFFICER reads her STATUS MESSAGE," and, "This man takes a picture of himself EVERYDAY for 8 years!!" after clicking this link user take into a suspicious page that contain a clickjacking worm that automatically post links on the users wall.

4. Be Careful what information you share about you.

Some of your information are very usefull to hackers for example your birthday if you pu somthing realted to birthday in your security question that will make advantage of hackers to find the answer of the security question of your any account

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